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All testimonials are taken from surveys at the end of a session.

"Gina is amazing. She really cares about all of her students and makes sure that we get the best work out possible. She is always changing up the routine so you never get bored. She starts every class by asking if there are specific areas that we want to work on. So it is like having a personal trainer in a class setting. You leave class feeling a million times better than when you walked in."

"Gina was very attentive to areas of weakness. Firm and encouraging in pushing limits."

"I enjoyed being in a motivating group exercise environment. Gina encouraged me to put more effort in my workout."

"I have taken classes with Gina for several months, and I can honestly say that she is one of the best fitness instructors I've ever had. Not intimidating in the least, Gina guides her students to proper technique with patience, and has the flexibility to adapt her classes to meet individual students' needs. The music is upbeat, the exercises and dance moves are fun, and the atmosphere is lighthearted. I highly recommend DanceFIT for anyone who is looking for a stress-free, enjoyable way to get in shape." ~Rachel

"I enjoyed the pacing, individual assistance with exercise and motivational techniques. I loved Gina's pleasing personality and effective instruction."

 "Gina was great about correcting us and helping us do the exercises correctly.  The course involved the whole body, which was excellent."

"Gina provides every student with gentle encouragement, making us strive to achieve a higher level of fitness.  Through strengthening & toning exercises, my strength has improved, & through cardio exercises, I feel my endurance building up."

"I had the chance to take the Hip Hop class with Alyssa at DanceFit on Sept. 28, 2009. This was my first ever aerobic class and I LOVED it! I am typically a run/lift kind of person and this was such a neat break from the usual routine. Gina and her instructors are all fantastic -- and so nice to newcomers! I would highly recommend a class at DanceFit!" - Moira

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"The class is taught with wonderful professionalism and at a level that younger children really respond to."

"Gina Fay came to dance with us today. She was FABULOUS! Gina's dancing activities were age appropriate, fast paced to keep high interest and engaged the children throughout the entire session. Ever since Cambridge has had Dance Month I have participated. The dancers who have come to my classroom were excellent but Gina is the best. The kids and I were excited all day just reliving what we did with Gina. She is a gem. Thank you for sending Gina to us!" ~Rosalind O'Sullivan, DanceMonth '08

"Ms. Alyssa's attitude is just perfect for the pre-ballet age group.  I am always impressed at how she handles the little ones."

"Gina seems to understand the children's developmental stage and generate lots of enthusiasm for dance."

"Gina logically plans out her classes to maintain the attention of three-five year old children and everyone knows this is a difficult task. Through the use of props, lively music, and stimulating activities, she receives nothing but smiles and thanks in return."

"I am seriously impressed. Even this survey is impressive! I noticed that you had 3 staff in the pre-balled class plus an assistant seated in the hallway as well--very good coverage. I see that classes are well thought out in advance. Each moment is planned. This is so important with young children. All the details are perfect--down to the stage time, stickers at the end, sitting on the colored shapes, all of it!"

"I think it's a great class size and the instruction is very focused on "real" ballet as opposed to a less serious instruction. Most kids are up for the challenge and seem to learn great discipline through this."

"Children enjoy the class and feel confident performing in front of parents."

 "As a parent,and as an audience in class: Gina is very attentive to each child's needs and requests, which certainly gains the trust and level of comfortably with children. I definitely find DanceFIT Studio with Gina a fabulous start for every little dancer." ~Lida Rafati, a Pre-Ballet parent

"I love that students have an opportunity to dance on stage and show us what they learned. Also that the parents are allowed to watch the class. This way we can practice what they have learned at home. You always have a new creative way to keep the class flowing, the kids never get bored and are always challenged."

"Love the stickers at the end of class! Love the structure of the class, I am recommending our daughter's friend to sign up with her."

"Dancing on stage is a great idea and my daughter loves the special attention."

"The fact that you really teach them ballet moves - not just play time and dancing around - and how to behave as a ballerina/manners."

"Location is great, classes are fun, and I love the fact that the teachers take it seriously even though it's pre-ballet (proper clothes, Gina always calls the girls dancers, etc.). That's really important to me."

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