VirtualFIT is the popular solution for busy professionals, moms, students, travelers and anyone who finds it challenging to attend fitness classes due to their schedule. Many of our clients find it nearly impossible and often unmanageable to find the time to workout. As mothers, their priorities become focused on their children (as it should be) and many simply put their own fitness goals and weight loss on the back burner. We truly understand the demands that so many of you deal with on a daily basis! The  reality though is that taking care of yourself must be a non-negotiable priority and part of your daily routine.  Make time for yourself and begin a new workout routine with us as often as you would like from the comfort of your own home!

Now that you know a little about VirtualFIT it is important to note what it is NOT.

You will NOT simply be viewing an instructor teaching to a class of clients from our Brookline or Natick studio.  She will be teaching directly to YOU and the other 9 students from her home.  This method allows the instructor to see you, call you by name, motivate you, correct any movement flaws that could lead to an injury and answer any of your questions…Let’s see a DVD do that!

VirtualFIT operates through the free and popular video conference system, Skype. To schedule a class, visit our current schedule and register for a Skype virtual class.