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DanceFIT Studio serves the development of its students from their first encounter with music and movement to their emergence as young dancers. The curriculum is carefully designed to introduce the correct technique and instruction at the appropriate age and physical development of the student, as well as bringing out the joy and fun of ballet. With each level, as the young dancers gain proficiency and confidence, greater emphasis is placed on artistry and performance quality.

Tiny Ballerinas (Ages 2.5-3.5)
This class is held at Babycakes in Charlestown. Please register by calling Babycakes. DanceFIT gift certificates & pricing does not apply.

During each Tiny Ballerina class, the tiny dancers are led through a series of stretches, movement stories and various ballet games.  With creative movement using scarves, beanbags, and parachutes, the tiny ballerinas develop motor coordination as they run, leap, stretch & move to the music. The tiny dancers will transform into fairies, princesses, animals & super heroes.  Through role play, they will learn introductory ballet positions and jumps. Active parent participation is required.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 3-4)

A program developed for the young dancer that focuses on coordination. Students learn basic class etiquette, such as learning to take turns and participate in a group. Students are exposed to ballet terminology such as plie, releve, chasse, and passe explained in simple terms the young dancer will remember. A portion of the class is set aside for stretching to develop flexibility and free dance encouraging students to respond individually to different types of music.

Ballet 1A (Ages 5-7)

Students work primarily in first and second position. Correct body placement is emphasized at the beginning of each class. Students learn the five basic ballet positions of arms and feet. Typical exercises include: plies, tendus, degages, rond de jambe, and grande battemante. While the students are exposed to the technical names, the exercises are explained in terms the young dancers will remember. Stretching continues to be an important part of each class (at this level stretches are done seated on the floor). Students are cautioned to stretch slowly and to work at their own level of flexibility. Students learn basic ballet steps such as glissade, balance, jete, and grande jete.

Ballet 1B (Ages 8-10, or by the discretion of Director)

Students have completed two years of Level 1A classes at DanceFIT or have taken an evaluation class and placed at Level Two. Twenty to twenty five minutes of barre exercises are extended to include frappe and fondu. In this level the students learn about the fundementals of ballet such as turn out, placement, and basic techniques. The dancers will learn the progression of a standard ballet barre, and learn the French vocabulary that defines all of the steps in ballet. These students also move into beginning centre work, away from the support of the ballet barre. Students learn chaine and soutenu turns and begin preparation for pique turns.

Hip Hop (Ages 4-7)

This fast paced, fun class concentrates on hip hop and the latest dance moves, introduced in an age-appropriate manner to students.  During class, students are taught a combination or series of hip hop moves, exposing them to many different styles of hip hop while helping them learn the combination skills needed to pick up choreography.

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