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The schedule will change often so please check to see if your favorite class is being offered. Please bring a yoga mat & bottle of water to class.  All fitness levels are welcome!


RunFIT is where friends & fitness meet! If you always run by yourself, you're missing out on lots of benefits of group training. This is a friendly and casual FREE running group that the entire DanceFIT community is welcomed to join. The 2-4 mile run will be lead by Alissa around our historic Fenway neighborhood, Brookline & Boston. Alissa will lead the group in warm-up and cool down exercise as well. Please meet in front of DanceFIT Studio on time with a water bottle. Strollers and friends looking to lace up the sneakers are certainly welcome! While FREE, we do ask that you honor your commitment once enrolling.

arms & abs

Hate that jiggle when you wave goodbye? Want a tight flat stomach with no muffin top?? Then this is the class for YOU. We will work your core to the max while helping you get slim shoulders, toned triceps, & beautiful biceps! You will love how you look in that strapless dress, bikini & tank top!


Ballet as exercise! Create the long lines of a dancer's body in this intense one hour workout with hand weights. You will lift your seat, lengthen your thighs and firm your abdominals in this fun, fast paced class. The class will improve flexibility, balance, and strength. The ballet barre becomes a great benefit to assure balance. Workout or ballet attire, ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or socks required.

balletFIT™ cardio

This fun class accomplishes core strengthening, flexibility, and a great cardio workout by combining ballet exercises, calisthenics, and center floor combinations. All while listening to energetic modern music--and of course some classical ballet favorites. Workout or ballet attire, ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or socks required.

balletFIT™ tone + stretch

This morning class includes an enjoyable ballet dance inspired warm-up, belly flattening exercises, arm sculpting, backside toning exercises and thigh firming exercises. Moving at a slow pace, this class will strengthen and lengthen your entire body, all without building bulky muscles. You will increase flexibility and endurance. As well as improve your posture, alignment, coordination and balance.


BlastFIT is an incredible, fat-burning, heart-pumping workout. Get your body beach ready while sweating to the latest music and pushing yourself to a new level. Using combinations of athletic-based aerobic moves, and weights this high-energy, multi-intensity class is the ultimate in cardiovascular workouts.

cardio kickFIT

Get your pant size down and your heart rate up! This class class will feature a fun and intense blend of cardio, kickboxing, dance & martial arts to get your blood pumping and body moving! After putting your muscles into motion, we'll work our abs and end with a stretch--perfect for burning the calories, loosening up the body and getting your head focused. No experience is necessary and class is open to all levels.

music video dance

Learn a popular routine from pop dance songs and music videos from artists such as Beyonce, Britney, Lady Gaga, and more. No prior dance experience is needed to have fun in this class.

pilates with resistance tubing

Enjoy a unique full body workout using resistance tubing to help promote full range of motion, increase flexibility and build muscle without bulk. Through controlled movements, this tube allows you to experience Pilate-style resistance workouts without the equipment. We tone our arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs, glutes and abdominal muscles.


Zumba is all about having fun while you work out! The fusion of Latin based music and dance moves will tone and sculpt your body and keep you dancing the entire calorie-burning hour. No prior experience needed, just come prepared to shake it!

It's what I always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

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