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Next Challenge: Spring 2012

Mon. March 26 - Mon. May 7

where food & fitness find a healthy balance

To participate as a remote participant you must live at least 20 miles from DanceFIT Studio, or please e-mail us and explain why you would prefer participating remotely.


Why Join:

Looking for some extra motivation to eat healthy and workout on a regular basis? DanceFIT's challenge will guide you every step of the way. Now is the time to make a commitment to get yourself moving and find creative ways to eat healthy and incorporate "real foods" into your everyday lifestyle. I know most of you are busy, on-the-go professionals, parents and students-- no excuse; you can have a healthy lifestyle! With the encouragement and support of your remote teammates, you will make each other accountable for your day-to-day habits. The results will surprise you!

How Does It Work:

You will be placed in a team with 6 participants from all over the US (and maybe abroad... we did have a participant from NZ in our last challenge). You will be connected to your teammates via e-mail, skype and other forms of social media. Your team will compete against other DanceFIT teams for prizes. Every team will have access to a shared spreadsheet where you can see all of the meals and workout logs of your team members. There will be weekly food and fitness challenges and competitions with prizes!

Workout points are a big part of the 6FIT challenge, but don't think that you are at a disadvantage by not being able to attend DanceFIT classes in Brookline. In order to accumulate workout points for your team, you are required to attend our virtual skype classes (2 per week). You will be motivated to workout the rest of the week so find a local fitness class, gym, walking trails or a group of friends to workout with you.

The Rules:


1) Commit to exercising 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week (walking counts).
You receive points for each workout, and bonus points for working out with a friend or group of people.

2) Hold yourself accountable for your food and drink intake. You will log all meals, snacks and drinks… every day.
Share your log with your team. You will receive points for every vegetable and fruit serving (and bonus points for the “food of the week”).

3) Attend at least 3 DanceFIT virtual classes each week.

4) Log the amount of hours you sleep each night.

5) Drink 60 ounces of water a day.

6) Participate in the mini-challenges each week. (For example, Water Week, No Pasta/ Bread Week, Cardio Week)

7) All participants need to have a Gmail account in order to access the shared spreadsheet.

Your $180 Remote 6FIT package includes:

- 18 Virtual Skype Fitness Classes (Must all be used during the 6 weeks. NO EXCEPTIONS!)

- 6FIT Skype Kick Off Information Session:

Learn about the challenge rules
Tutorial on how to log your meals & review of the point system.
Discuss goals & accountability
How to take initial measurements & weight records

- 2 scheduled skype check-in meetings with a DanceFIT instructor (dates TBD) - 15 minutes each

- Mini home workouts

- Access to your groups fitness/ food log:

- Unlimited support from our instructors

- Daily inspiration, recipes & fit tips

- Access to the exclusive 6FIT facebook group!

- 5% off all class packages during 6FIT

- Outstanding prizes for individual winners & the winning team!

Testimonial from a 6FIT Remote Graduate:

"Hi Gina! It's been 6 weeks since the conclusion of 6FIT and I wanted to share some things that I got out of the program. First and foremost, it really changed the way I think about food and exercise. I am much better at putting meals together that are filled with veggies, proteins and fruits over carbs and filler foods. Logging my food for 6 weeks made me honest about what I am putting in my body! Still today when I shop for groceries I am thinking in the back of my head "is this food natural enough for it to be worth eating?" My husband was weary at first of the "healthy" changes but slowly we've introduced much better choices into our diet (ex: quinoa as a protein instead of chicken, roasted veggies as a comfort food instead of mac and cheese or another pasta, fruit as dessert instead of cookies, chocolate, etc). Over Thanksgiving my mom commented that she hasn't seen me so fit since high school (9 years ago!) Also I am so proud to share with you that I lost all the baby weight I had entering your program plus an extra 5 pounds - and have kept it all off and lost another extra pound since then! Even as a remote participant, doing the 2 virtual classes weekly and working out on my own the other 4 days a week got me into a great exercise routine. I even find myself in front of the tv at night doing a homemade 14 minute workout for those days I didn't fit in a day time workout :) Thank you for creating such a whole body fitness program. For me it wasn't just a quick fix to lose some weight, but instead a lifestyle change in diet and exercise!" -Kristin M.


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