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NEW TESTIMONIAL (Remote Participant): "Hi DanceFitters! I just wanted to share my experience with my first 6FIT Challenge. Coming to the end of the 6th week I am filled with emotion, surprisingly! When I started this challenge, I wanted to work out more and eat better and drop this baby weight...just like any other diet plan. I quickly realized that this wasn't just any diet plan, and in fact it wasn't a diet at all. It was a lifestyle change filled with MOTIVATION. Not only my my team absolutely amazing at motivating everyone, offering words of advice, wisdom and encouragement daily, but every single member of this challenge was exactly the same. I feel a definite bond with members of this 6FIT challenge. I am really going to miss everyone, especially the support. Even if you have a supportive family (which I do), if they aren't actually going through the entire 6 weeks...the struggles, the bad days and the fabulous days...they won't completely understand. I learned about different types of foods and what the do for your body. I tried all sorts of foods I would never had tried on my own. I learned that water consumption was my biggest downfall and now it is a staple in my every day life. Being a previous coffee addict, I have gone from having about 48oz of coffee a day to having 16oz TOPS...and not even every day. I used to drink red wine all the time. I think I have had maybe 4 glasses total in the past 6 weeks. Sweets- Same thing. I used to go to the freezer every night for a sweet treat. I didn't feel the need at all over the past 6 weeks. The foods I was eating during the day curbed any cravings I had a night. The 1 and only bowl of ice cream I had was just 2 nights ago. I feel great about myself. Have a lost every single pound I have wanted to lose? No, but my strength and endurance has improved, my complexion has improved and just last night in BalletFIT I noticed that my flexibility was SO MUCH BETTER from when I started. Just today, I put on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and there was little to no muffin top! Woo Hoo! So, if you've read this far (this is insanely long)...I hope everyone tries 6FIT at some point! It is hard work and definitely takes dedication, but you won't be disappointed. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had." - Katrina S.

NEW TESTIMONIAL (Remote Participant): "I wanted to send you all a quick note and thank you for the virtual support over the six week challenge. Although we've never met, I really felt like I had a family and a team that was supportive. I am happy to report that I lost a solid 7 lbs during this challenge and most importantly, it has truly changed the way I think about food. Even without tracking what I eat, I am constantly asking myself, "Did I have fruit today? Did I have at least a serving of veggies? How much water have I drank today?". I am so grateful that Jen (Garcia) told me about this program and I am going to see about signing up for the next round, especially since I have told many of my friends about it and they are jazzed about it. My work is still busy, at least until later this spring, but will do my best to stay in touch. I am maintaining a weekly goal of working out at least 5-6 hours a week, getting at least six hours of sleep, and trying to still lose another 15-20 lbs by May. Ya'll probably remember me telling you about my big goal of 30 lbs back in January and I am trying to do it the healthiest ways, so always appreciate your support.Again, so glad to have been connected with you all and really loved this program (and being 7lbs lighter)." -Trisha L.

I just wanted to share this picture with you - it is a 'before and after danceFit' picture! The one on the right is two months before I started DanceFit (August 2010) and the one on the left is one year and 2 months later (December 2011)! That's three 6Fits, countless classes and 30 pounds less!! I want to thank you for your dedication to your classes, your students and the 6Fit program. It really does make such a huge difference in people's lives. Thanks for helping me reach my goals! Especially since my favorite place on earth is the beach/swimming/fishing, and now I can enjoy it in a bathing suit while feeling comfortable in my own skin :) - Alissa



"I loved participating in 6FIT -- thank you, Gina and other teammates! Because of all the motivation I received to exercise more and eat better, my energy level increased, I slimmed down, my skin became clearer (fruits and veggies really do the trick!), and all those endorphins improved my mood (especially important during these dreary winter months!). Not to mention the strength and stamina that my body built up through regular exercise?t was so encouraging to have other 6FIT members working out in DanceFit classes with me. The friendly competition and team communication made the whole experience really fun, and I felt motivated to take care of myself. I hope to continue the good habits we developed these past weeks!" - Mary L.

"I've really enjoyed 6FIT. I'm an athletic person who works out regularly and I like to think that I eat healthy but 6FIT has made me accountable for all those times I eat something bad for me or want to skip a workout. It was a great way to pre-train for my next triathlon. One of my favorite parts about 6FIT was that every time I thought I was getting into the groove and good at a challenge, it was time for the next week with a new challenge. I think my favorite and most difficult week was week 6. My team won week 5 so did not have to participate in the week 6 Hunter and Gatherer Challenge. I was really excited about it but then logged onto my team's page and saw that almost everyone was going to do the challenge anyway, so of course I was going to try. We all came up with some really good meals, ideas, and strategies to help each other out. I've had a few deductions because life happens, but cannot wait to see how well I can do the rest of the week." - Steph M.

"To be honest, at the first meeting I was like, "what the hell have I gotten myself into?!" I was expecting to just write down what I ate and work out a more and was a little overwhelmed by a whole lifestyle change. This was especially true the very first day, when all of my team members were eating super-healthy breakfasts and I had a granola bar and coffee. I realized pretty quickly that I had to step up my game! There were definitely moments of frustration throughout the six weeks - trying to fit in time to exercise while traveling and feeling guilty about not eating the right food all the time. Ironically, my best week was hunt.gather.grow - something about having strict diet restrictions worked a better for me than general guidelines. I also LOVED doing the 14min workout in the morning!! I never ever would have predicted this (I love to sleep) but having evenings to myself was great and a big stress-reliever. I actually got up this morning to do it because I knew I wouldn't have time to go to class tonight. Overall, I think the most important thing I taken from 6FIT is the realization that taking care of yourself is hard. You have to make time and make the effort to live a healthy and active lifestyle - it's not something that is going to happen with one workout a week or a salad for lunch once in awhile. We only have ourselves to blame for this - I don't know anyone who isn't working hard, stressed about something, or with unlimited free time - so the result is usually taking the easy way out. 6FIT has been a great motivator to do the right thing and find the time to be healthy that I didn't think was there before. Thank you so much!" - Madeline M.

"The 6Fit Challenge put me back on track with healthy living habits by making me aware of how I take care of my body - my food and water intake, the amount of sleep and exercise I actually get. I always thought I was a healthy person, but the challenge forced me to write it all down and take notice of those areas where I am not really doing so well. By the end of the 6 weeks I realized that I need more sleep and water to stay energized throughout the day. I was feeling GREAT! It was also helpful to have support and encouragement from Gina and my team as I tried to increase my physical activity and eat even better. Plus, the mini workout challenges and DanceFit classes are awesome - varied and really tough! Overall, I highly recommend the program. It's not easy, but it does work!" - Jennifer G.

"As a result of 6Fit, I've learned how to make time for workouts in my busy schedule, got to know my team members better, and little more discipline of what food, well in my case drinks, to avoid/cut back. As you know I've had a bad drinking habit with diet soda & diet ice tea, but as of today, I went through a whole week without touching the stuff, (albeit water challenge) and a better handle of what healthy alternatives to those drinks (green tea, juicy fruits, etc.)" - Robert L

"6FIT has been a great program! Being a remote participant and starting the program a few weeks into it, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't get into the swing of things quickly. I was so relieved to have my teammates welcome me and Gina explain the system step-by-step. Going to gym is part of my regular routine, but I never held myself accountable for those days that I just didn't feel like going until now. I've been trying to cook healthier for the past few weeks but 6FIT has now made me realize that it really is so easy to incorporate fruits and vegetables into my lifestyle! The challenges have definitely been tough and the final week is especially tough because most of everyone's favorite snacks and drinks are forbidden, but I 've learned that the program isn't designed to deprive you of the occasional indulgence. Having the support of my teammates has been so motivating and I can't wait to participate in the next 6FIT challenge!" - Jess. M

"I have become much more aware of what I eat. Before I would mindlessly grab handfuls of crackers or a bag of chips from the vending machine. Now I plan ahead with healthy options and tons of fruits and veggies always in the apartment. Also, my body just feels amazing. Dramatic decrease in alcohol consumption was a proud point for me. I feel more comfortable with my body and can see and feel the difference - I finally can see my abs again!! I am so much stronger and have better endurance. Although the weight loss is great, I am more impressed with how much stronger I am. The program was such a great support system to get me back into a healthy lifestyle, it sounds weird but it makes me feel better to see that other people are also struggling.. when you do it yourself it's often an 'all or nothing' type thing where you give up after one mistake, but when you have team encouragement you feel compelled to improve. It does help that dancefit classes are SO much fun! I will continue my healthy lifestyle by eating the same foods/portions as I have been for the past weeks. Before eating a cookie or a piece of pizza, I will ask myself if this is something I would be proud of writing in my chart. I may even keep charting my food for the next few months. I lost a lot of weight and got in much better shape, and I would hate to gain that weight back before my wedding. I will also continue going to as many dancefit classes as my busy schedule allows. I will remind myself how many points they are worth (+15). I will also associate certain things with negative points, such as alcohol/junk food. If I do want to go out to a bar with friends, which is okay in moderation, I will make sure to make up for it with exercise before or after. My brain is very number oriented so the points system is really useful for me, it's great to make food quantifiable." -Alissa M.

"Week one - I was happy to be returning to DanceFIT and eager to find a program that would help me lose weight, get in better physical shape and establish better eating habits. Although I was generally getting a fair amount of exercise either through walking or working out at another gym I belong to, I felt I needed a different regiment to jump start my physical well-being. I was very, very uncomfortable with my body and often blamed it on such things as age, menopause, family and work commitments and lack of time. So, I was very ready to try something new and hoped that this program would take me out of the rut I was in at the time. I felt a little nervous the first night - considering all or most of the people participating were WAY younger than me and lead much different life styles! After the first Bootcamp, it was nice to meet the members of my group and realize that everyone can be out of shape and eat terribly, no matter what their age. I also came to the realize that I was placing the blame in the wrong place for the way I felt and that eating healthy and exercising regularly is still the best way to lose weight and inches and feel better all around. As the program progressed, it was great to get encouragement from team members and to see people in classes all working hard toward mutual goals. As I near the end of the program, I feel so much more comfortable with my body than I did six weeks ago. Although I have not really lost too many pounds - 5 or 6 maybe? - I know I have lost inches and have strengthened my core. A friend at work said to me that a few months ago, she could just tell how uncomfortable I felt by the way I carried myself. She said she really noticed that I have lost some of my stomach area and that I just looked like I felt better. So, it's nothing concrete, it's just a better feeling about myself in general. My clothes fit better, I have more energy (some days!), I am VERY aware of what and how much I put into my mouth, I spend endless time in the grocery store reading labels, I've learned that it really is pretty easy to prepare healthy meals and I've made some new friends! I know I still have more work to do but this has been a great start. I hope to continue to eat the healthy, well-balanced foods that I consumed in the past six weeks. I plan to pay attention to my consumption of alcohol and how it affects what and how much I eat. I plan to continue walking and attending the gym so that the positive effects of eating well and getting regular exercise will become an everyday thing for me. No more thinking of it as "dieting" or restricting or punishing myself, but as the way things should be naturally. I hope to introduce my family (my husband is a typical junk food junkie) to better ways of eating but if they don't wish to participate, I will just continue to do it on my own. No more excuses such as "my husband hates salads and vegetables" and "my daughter hates fish". I am going to shop, cook and eat with ME in mind. Wish me luck!" - Jane M.

"I would say I am an extremely healthy eater compared to most individuals, and I am also very dedicated to workouts. So when I first head about 6Fit I thought it would be a great way to keep up with what I was doing and also learn some good tips at the same time. It turned out to be so much more than I imagined. Having a team to be accountable to and who support you to truly commit to 6 days a week of workouts ( when I usually did 4-5, and definitely not that intensity all the time) was so encouraging. I lost 4 pounds during the challenge and each pound I shed gave me more excitement to do more the next week. I have an extremely hard time losing weight, and this wasn't even a goal of my doing 6Fit; but when I saw the work that I was doing pay off, it made me that much more enthusiastic about it. I plan to maintain incorporating the extra fruits and vegetables into my daily life, and continue taking the same amount of classes I did. I am excited to continue to watch my body change and get what I think is the best reward of all which is to love my body. The only thing I would change about 6Fit is I would give a little more warning for the last week, so people have a chance to prepare and start eliminating some things in the weeks before so it not such a shock to your system when you go "cold turkey" . I would recommend this in a heartbeat, and have already been telling all my friends about it. I couldn't have done it without everyone!" - Courtney P.

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