Fitness for Adults

Your body is your instrument.  DanceFIT Studio provides participants the opportunity to improve technique, feel stronger, healthier, lighter and more flexible through an assortment of workouts. Students will lose weight in our cardio training, improve grace, coordination, and self confidence through the individual attention they receive and the encouragement to progress at his or her own pace. Our approach to fitness is to make exercise unique, entertaining and fun so it will inspire you to get FIT and feel fabulous!

Dance for Kids

DanceFIT Studio serves the development of its students from their first encounter with music and movement to their emergence as young dancers. The curriculum is carefully designed to introduce the correct technique and instruction at the appropriate age and physical development of the student, as well as bringing out the joy and fun of ballet. With each level, as the young dancers gain proficiency and confidence, greater emphasis is placed on artistry and performance quality.

Photo by Maureen Marie Photography


"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer."

~Shanna LaFleur


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DanceFIT Studio Offers:

Ballet for children ages 3-10

Hip Hop for children ages 4-7

Fitness Classes for adults

Summer dance camps
Ballerina/princess-themed birthday parties

Hip Hop & Zumba classes for adults

Bollywood & Choreography workshops

Private pilates, yoga, and ballet lessons


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